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Section 1031
IRS Regulations
Rev Proc 2000-37
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At Florida Exchange, it is our pleasure to answer general questions regarding like-kind exchanges of real property, a sophisticated tax matter.  The information provided in these web pages furthers the goal of educating the public on this subject.

However, communications from Florida Exchange, including without limitation, the information provided in these web pages, are not intended to provide tax, accounting or legal advice. 

Persons interested in utilizing the provisions of  Internal Revenue Code 1031 and completing a like-kind exchange should always seek out the advice of their tax advisors, accountants and attorneys.

Thank you.


                              Persons interested in like-kind exchanges should always seek tax advice.

The information contained in these web pages is not intended to be, and should not be considered or relied upon as, legal,  tax or accounting advice. These web pages are only intended to be a general treatment of the subject matter and the reader agrees, by accessing these pages, that neither Florida Exchange nor any other person or entity shall have any liability arising from the information presented.  Each reader who does not agree with the foregoing release of liability is directed to exit these web pages immediately.

The general information provided in these web pages is subject to exceptions, additions, interpretation, and changes to the statutes, regulations and case law, by Congress, the courts, and the Internal Revenue Service. The general information provided in these web pages is also subject to facts that are specific to each reader and which are therefore clearly outside the scope of these pages.



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